Measure what Matters

Learning Conditions Are an Actionable, Early Indicator of Math Learning

Teachers can accelerate learning by creating motivating classroom conditions. Highlighting the Elevate framework, this research brief focuses on quantifying the relationship between math achievement and the Elevate learning conditions, as well as variability in conditions over time. Key highlights include:

  • Students were ~2x more likely to earn an A or B in math when they experienced teacher caring, meaningful work, and feedback for growth.
  • Positive learning conditions benefited all students, regardless of race, gender, family income, or prior grades. But they may be especially important for students who are least well served.
  • In typical classes, learning conditions got worse over time, and shifts in learning conditions predicted subsequent changes in grades. 
  • Learning conditions improved when teachers engaged their students in cycles of inquiry and action, with bigger gains after more cycles (e.g., 10x growth after 4 vs. 2 cycles).

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